Tis the Season

I'm a firm believer in not letting holidays overlap.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...let's keep them separate, please.  Each one has their place.  But the weekend after Thanksgiving, you best look out: it's Christmastime.  To the decorations!  (Which will be taken back down firmly on January 1st, so as not to overlap my birthday, which, yes, totally counts as a holiday.)


They had no idea what was going on, but you can sure as heck bet that they were going to help their little faces off with it.

I was very glad to welcome our tree back this year after last year's hiatus.  There are exactly four ornaments on the tree this year: two that Caden got last year, and two that Brooklyn got last year.  As much as I wanted to trick it out in all of its sparkle-y, ornamental glory, I also know where my patience level is at during the day already, without the 24,896th time of "DON'T touch the ornaments you're covered in glitter no don't throw them even though I know they look like balls GAH what are you doing?1?!?!??!!!!!!11???!!"


Keeping it real for y'all: our actual view of the mantle with it's the tangled mess of wires and our laughably small television that we need to upgrade, which would be why we haven't done anything with said tangled mess of wires yet.

Also the mistletoe, where all of your romantic holiday kisses take place on top of a multicolored, foam-y, just learning their shapes and colors brick road.


And these two...

Add a sparkling Christmas tree and everything automatically becomes more magical.