Hi! I'm Shannon, an interior designer turned stay-at-home mom to three. My husband Tyson and I have always been overachievers so we kicked off this whole parenting thing with twins (Caden and Brooklyn, born February 2014), and as if that weren’t enough, we added a third exactly two years and two days later (Nolan, born February 2016). Tyson and I do what we can to survive and wrangle three small children, while also carving out time for each other and ourselves.

One of the ways I carve out time for myself is by writing. My head can get full, especially with three children around all day who aren't exactly capable of having stimulating conversations. This is my spot to scribble about motherhood and life, about things I'm reading and recipes I’m making, a sprinkling of faith and politics, and anything else that might pop into my head. Lately I've been writing about the ordinary hard days of motherhood, why baking cookies is so important, and the chaos that is my youngest child. I hope these pages inspire, encourage, and even give you a laugh, if only because you glimpse a photo of our living room so strewn with toys, Cheerios, and children that it looks just like yours right now (please tell me your space is also strewn with plastic crap and breakfast foods).

I'm a born-and-raised Minnesota girl. We moved back to the Twin Cities a few years ago, after spending five years in Ames, Iowa at Iowa State University (Go Cyclones!) and another five in Madison, Wisconsin while Tyson earned his PhD (Go Badgers!).

Besides writing, I enjoy reading, cooking and baking, coffee (preferably iced with a healthy dose of heavy cream and sugar), fashion, watching documentaries, getting pedicures, a good beer, walking around our neighborhood, singing along to Hamilton, hot yoga, and the season of fall. I’m an Enneagram 1 (with a strong wing 9) who is learning to embrace the shades of gray. I still enjoy exercising my interior design muscles when I get the chance.

I’m a regular contributor to the Twin Cities Moms Blog and the blog for Bella Domicile, where I write regularly about kitchen and bath design. My writing has also been featured on Coffee + Crumbs, the Feminine Collective, and on Kindred Mom. If you’d like me to contribute to your website or project, please contact me at shannonscribbles (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for reading!

All words and photos on this site are original content created by me, unless otherwise specified. Please link back to any words or photos, or ask permission before using them. Thanks. Shannon