Post Thanksgiving Week

This time of year is kind of strange...filtering through photos from Thanksgiving last week when all around me is evidence of the next holiday: the tree, the lights, the presents on order, and now even the snow.  It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving was only--less than--a week ago.  It feels so much further away.

It's hard for me to find much to say.  I love Thanksgiving, and yet my mind is mostly a red and green jumble of what's coming up.  I don't even have that many pictures, though that's more a hazard of having a couple of toddlers around who love all things technology (or, ahem, mostly Caden), and avoiding the resulting meltdown over a phone or camera is just so much easier than having to deal with them.  Still, I'll leave it up to some photos {and a few blurbs} to sum it up.

{Indoor playtime adventures while Grandma and Grandpa were at work.}


(Good thing Uncle Travis was there.  Mommy's belly would have a hard time fitting through kid-sized inflatables...}


{Pre-turkey father-son snooze.}



{Okay, let's go back to last week, just so I can eat this plate of food again.}

{Breaking out the snowsuits for the first time.}

{Mostly thankful for the pie.}

{Scratch that.  Mostly thankful for Aunt Richelle's whipped cream on top of the pie.  Me: "Brooklyn, do you want some pie?"  Brooklyn: "Bie?  Uh-huh."  Me: *serves pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream*  Brooklyn: *carefully consumes all whipped cream from top of pie* "More?"}