Car Busy Bags

I recently bought Caden and Brooklyn new sheets for their beds.  (So long elephants and giraffes.  I love ya, but you just don't match the blue walls in their new room.  *sniff*)  The crib/toddler bed-sized sheets come in the most adorable bags, made in the same fabric as their sheets, complete with Velcro closure.  I'm not much of a pack rat, but I just couldn't throw them away.  They had to come in handy, right?

Right.  A 4+ hour car ride to Grandma and Grandpa's over Thanksgiving week = the perfect opportunity to transform these puppies into some busy bags for the car.

The sheet-bags are good-sized, and hold quite a few toddler-friendly items.

These items, in fact:

All raided from the Target dollar section.  $1 each for the book, jingle bell shaker, bag of pipe cleaners (of which there were many, many, many in a bag), bus, and a pack of four reindeer shutter shades.  ($8 total for our two bags...they each got a book, jingle shaker and car, one pair of reindeer shades, and split the pipe cleaners, with plenty left over.)

The only item that required any extra work was the pipe cleaner activity.

Empty spice container (make sure it's one with larger holes, some of the containers have holes that are too teeny-tiny), + pipe cleaners cut in half = toddler puzzle.


Should you decide to put $8 and minimal effort into creating said busy bags, your toddlers will become perfect, charming, angel children who entertain themselves the entire car ride with minimal work on your part, requiring only one snack two books, and a screaming/giggling competition amongst themselves to be entertained the whole entire time.

(I am so not complaining.)

And that meant that everything was a complete surprise for the ride home.

(FYI...the jingle bells were a big hit.)