Big Chip, A History (Sort Of)

When my mom was younger, her parents and their six kids, and their neighbors and their eight kids, and some of their other neighbors with not quite as many kids, decided to take a vacation together during the summer, somewhere "up north", to a resort on a lake in Minnesota.  Somehow my mom's family fit everyone, and their luggage, into something like a station wagon.  I realize that things like car seats and booster seats and luxuries like seat belts weren't really required then, but I'm still not quite sure exactly how they made this work.

Though the venue changed those first few years, it's remained constant for almost 40 years now.  (I feel like people have been saying it's the 38th or 39th year for, oh, at least 5 years now.  I figure we've got to hit 40 one of these times.)  My grandparents brought their kids, and then their kids brought their kids, and now us kids bring our own kids...and every year, the Saturday after the Fourth of July, we continue to head up to "Big Chip".

Being fabulous on the beach.

Once upon a time, I fished.  Then I realized that things like worms, and leeches, and the fish themselves were kind of slimy and gross. forward several years since I apparently have no scanned images of my middle to high school years (and that's probably a good thing)...

And last year Caden and Brooklyn got to make their debut.


Hopefully they enjoy the water a bit more this year.

Excited (now that I've actually started packing) to head up to Big Chip!