Big Chip 2015

Some posts don't need any words.

(Okay, except for a few in parentheses.  You know I can't resist.)

(After doubting that they would ever dare to go near the cold lake water, (i.e. not bath water temp pool water they are used to), Caden and Brooklyn immediately proved me wrong by running right in the first day, and never looked back.)

(Beer?  Who, me?)

(Lots 'o lovin to go around.)

(And skeptical looks.)

(And these two starved.  There was absolutely no food to go around and they never ate anything.  Ever.)

(*Sarcasm alert!*)

(Also, nobody wanted to play with them and Caden and Brooklyn got absolutely no attention whatsoever.)



(*Double sarcasm alert!*)

(Definitely voguing for the camera already.)

(But the most LOLs of all were had by throwing hair products into the water.  Because the bottles float.  Get it?  I dunno...seriously, I think this was the most fun they had the entire trip.)



(This picture sums up how they felt by the end of the trip.)

(In other words, it was a perfect time at the lake.)