Life Lately

Scrambling to do some laundry and feel somewhat productive before we leave on Friday for our annual venture up to Big Chip.  Okay, so I have a second load of laundry in the wash, the first is in the dryer, and I haven't packed a darn thing yet.  I haven't even made a list of what to pack yet.  (Wut?)  I know, who is this person?  We're only leaving in, oh...approximately 48 hours...

So I might as well post up some cute pictures of my kids.  Packing?  Meh.  Pictures?  Sure!

Too many hair clips.

More pool fun on the deck.

(Which reminds me that the pool needs to be deflated and added to the (nonexistent) pack list.  Check.)

Some fun at the park on the Fourth.


And don't you dare cut up Caden's apple into individual slices.

He's got eight front teeth and two whole molars...he can take bites like a man now.

(Do you want some?)