Life Lately

They help!



Caden may have just been taking my clean laundry from the basket and putting it in the dryer.  And then taking it out of the dryer and putting it back in the basket.  Repeat.  For about a half hour.  (#atleastitwascleanunderwear)

Caden is actually a really good helper, and will hand me laundry to fold and put away, dishes out of the dishwasher as I'm unloading, food out of the grocery bags to put in the cabinets, and he loves to throw things in the garbage.  He's also usually the first to do something when I tell them to...depending on where we are, "bye bye" either sends him to the entry looking for his shoes, or running for the stroller so we can leave the park.  "Come here" usually elicits a grin and a wobbly run-walk back to where I need him to be.  (Brooklyn's "helping" skillz, on the other hand, are more hit or miss.)

They play!

(No one is sick of toddler in the tub pictures yet, are they?)


And play!

And play some more!

(Yes, that is a lap diaper full of sand and pebbles right there.)

They grow!

They spent the last day in their infant car seats on Tuesday.  I'm not quite sure how that happened.

(Actually I sort of know how it happened.  It suddenly dawned on me about a week ago that hey-even though they are nowhere near the 30-pound weight limit of their infant car seats, they actually are somewhat on the tall side.  And come to think of it, we are kind of smooshing them in there more than we used to.  *Research session on height limit of current car seats*  They needed a new car seat oh, about an inch or two ago.)

They party!

Baby shower BBQ/life group celebration.  And in four-ish (???) years of meeting, I think this is the ONLY time that we've gotten a picture with the entire group.  Go figure, since some of our dear friends will be moving out-of-state in just a couple of weeks.

I would also like to point out that when we started, our "young married couples" life group had zero children.  Four-ish years later and there are five littles running around, with three on the way.  Guess that's what a "young married couples" label will do to ya, huh?