Post Weekend

(I mentioned this on Facebook, but this is Brooklyn's reaction to climbing up to the top of the tallest slide on the playground in the time it took me to put Caden in the swing and give him a push.  When I turned my back she was NOWHERE NEAR the stairs or even the ginormous play structure at all.  She then refused to go down the slide.  It was kind of a let down.)

(This seemingly angelic charmer, on the other hand, climbed up to the top of the tallest slide several times (while SURPERVISED, I might add) and threw himself down as fast as he could.)

Summer is tricky in the Midwest.  I feel like it's a balance of "It's summer!  We need to do this, this, and THIS!  Right now!  Let's go!" and "let's do absolutely nothing at all".

This weekend, I think we had a little of each.

Saturday: the Farmer's Market.  Our first of the season.

Brooklyn and I made a new friend while we were there:

I'd like to say I got into abstract photography while we perused the Market, but really that's the best picture I could get of the dairy cow that Brooklyn and I met, since there were 349 other people and their kids pressing up behind me also trying to see the same cow.  Like nobody around here has ever seen a cow before.  Durn city folks.  Yeesh.

(Yes, I am the city folk who had the cow's...owner?  handler? take a picture of me and my kid with the cow.  I am that person.)

Brooklyn then jammed with some of the street performers.

I have a bunch more pictures of Brooklyn at the Farmer's Market, and absolutely none of Caden.  I guess that's something for him to take up with his therapist someday.

Sunday was our do nothing day.

Ingredients: One cheap kiddie pool.  Warm water.  Four plastic party cups.  Two toddlers in swimsuits.

Directions:  Fill pool with water.  Add toddlers and cups.  Let sit and play for as long as possible.

(Mischievous Caden looks mischievous.)

(This counts as a bath, right?)

We'll be out here all summer, all pruny and waterlogged.