We've Come a Long Way, Babies

Tyson was gone Friday night, leaving me to these two little buggers.

And...it was easy.  Sure, I'd already been with them all day.  And that is exhausting.  But a year ago-heck, even a few months ago-I would have been cringing and dreading all day (all week) the fact that I was going to be flying solo for the evening.


(Wut?  You used to dread being with us?  Us?!?)

Plunk 'em in a tub after dinner (which, okay, was pizza) (DELICIOUS pizza) (they mostly ate fruit WHO ARE THESE KIDS), let 'em run around for a little bit wearing only their diapers, toss 'em in a crib with a pacifier and a story, annnnnddddd done.  Now that they go to sleep on their own (and more or less stay that way), it's almost too easy.  I mean, not too easy (hahaha, like I got anything done while they were awake!  The kitchen, high chairs, bathroom, and living room were all waiting for a good cleaning/pick-up/hose down after I put them in bed), but, y'know.  Relatively speaking, it was easy.

I can't emphasize enough how much I used to dread going it alone in the evening after already being with them all the livelong day.  And now I meet it with a shrug and a life-as-usual grin.  (Good thing, too, since Tyson will be working Wednesday and Thursday evenings all summer.)

(Caden I'm CRYING I'm laughing so hard!)

I would also like to point out the SPANKING CLEANESS of the bathtub.  I wore actual rubber gloves and cleaned it with actual bathroom scrubbing soap and I even actually scoured down the little ledges and shelves and everything on Friday.  I think the only other time this bathtub has been cleaned since we moved in (oh...almost four years ago) was February 2014, after these two were born and my parents and Tyson's parents cleaned everything before we came home from the hospital.  I'm not quite sure where this fit of housewifely cleanliness came from.  You can be assured that it won't happen again until at least 2018.