Christmas (Continued), New Years, and Onward!

When we last left our intrepid explorers, they were wreaking havoc on Christmas presents far and wide...


Grandma and Grandpa (No. 2) arrived!  Which also meant more presents.

Mommy and Daddy got the present of going to a hockey game.  

It was an amazing game, right up until the end.  Which is when we lost.  In overtime.  Boo.  It was also Grandpa's first official NHL hockey game, and it was so exciting I think we just might have converted him to be a hockey fan...

The adventures continued the next day as Grandpa did a small bit of electrical work for Papa and Nana.

Caden helped.

ZOMG!  They don't usually let me touch these things!


Ok, so he's a pretty cute little electrician.  (Also: three generations holding onto the same electrical cord.  There's some sort of symbolism somewhere in here, I'm just not sure what it is...)

Brooklyn of course inspected everything to make sure it was up to her standards.

She also snuggled with her twin baby dolls (thanks, Santa!), which = adorable.

Then there was the time that she took an ornament off the tree...

...and kept trying to figure out how to get it back on.

Also adorable.

And then, on New Years Day, it was back to Madison.

As you can see, it was a super comfortable ride for all involved.  Go go gadget Prius!

Caden celebrated the new year by getting his first ear infection (antibiotics and Tylenol FTW!).

They both celebrated the new year by teething (yay more Tylenol and these teething tablets!).

Mommy and daddy celebrated the new year by wishing for some sleep.  Though we did happen to be asleep at midnight on New Year's Eve.  Until the neighbor's set off some fireworks.

The end.