Blocks are the Best! (To Knock Over)

The tower:

A challenger appears...

Oh, just kidding.  She's a spectator.

Look!  She brought a blue cup to snack on and everything.

Here comes the real challenger of the day hour minute:

I did it.  I knocked them over.

But wait!  There's more.  The demolition is not complete.

Sizing up the situation...

Caden: 1  Blocks: 0

And then...

Another challenger!  For real this time!  No more spectating for her.

(She always pauses right before the structure to look at you with a grin.  Like, is this for me?  Are you watching?  I'm going to do it!  It's all going to be knocked over!)

(Note: she didn't blink in this picture.  Those are her eyes scrunched tight lest any blocks come ricocheting towards her face.)

Brooklyn: 1  Blocks: 0  Seems the blocks just can't get a break today.  (Another note: they never do.)

Usually it's good enough for Caden to just knock the tower over in general, even if there are some blocks left standing.  Brooklyn?  The whole dang structure is going to be demolished, foundation and everything.  No block is left unturned.

Also, because cute:


Brooklyn photobomb!

Nicely played, girl, nicely played.