Two Weeks

Just two weeks ago our little family of four was meeting for the first time.  It seems both like a really long and a really short time ago all at once.  My former existence really does seem like a lifetime ago.  Time has almost no meaning anymore.  Before my schedule was so regimented: I woke up at 6:45, got ready in an hour to be at work by 8:00, noon meant that it was about lunchtime, 5:00 was getting-off-of-work time, which transitioned into making dinner and leisurely the times on the clock only have meaning in terms of feedings and diaper changes, and it's never the same one day to the next.

So far in the past two weeks (or nine days since we've been home), things have been fairly calm as we have settled into this new balance...or imbalance as the case may be.

There has been a lot of sleepytime for Brooklyn...

...and for Caden.

This look says, "Uh, mom...what are you doing?"

And we've had a couple of adventures into the outside world for doctor's appointments. (Coming soon: the grocery store?  Church?  Something's gotta give so mama can get some time out of the house.)

And we've even had some playtime.

This is a typical scene...Caden freaking out while Brooklyn is absolutely the most chill.

"Are you okay, bro?"

"Seriously, dude...just relax and enjoy this playmat."

"There you go." *Pats comfortingly on the head.*

Yup, Caden is much more particular about things, and more prone to freak-outs.  I have a feeling that Brooklyn is going to be like a little mother to him.  I love that they have their own little personalities already.