Due Date

March 13th, 2014...this was my original due date.  Not that it really mattered that much once we found out that the baby was two babies.  Still...I can't imagine still being pregnant right now.  Instead of waiting with anticipation, we have gotten to enjoy these guys for the past three weeks!

I love them cuddly and little, but I also can't wait until they start interacting with each other.  Right now you can put them down right next to each other and they have no idea there is another baby, their own freaking siblingright next to them.  Until they start flailing and hit each other in the face or whatever.  But they're probably used to that.

Brooklyn is still pretty calm, cool, and collected.  Although her new favorite thing is grunting and groaning.  She's a really good grunter, as she likes to remind us several times a day...and throughout the night.

Caden knows what he wants...which is mostly to be held 24/7.  He is definitely our little cuddle buddy.  He's gotten a bit less fussy, though, and I think his new Favorite Thing Ever is going to be the swing.  Cozy + constant motion = a win in his world.  Also he makes the most hysterical faces when he is awake.