The Twins: A Birth Story (Part II)

If parts of the twins labor and delivery were a blur, I don't even know how to describe the next few days in the hospital.  All the days blended together as we spent pretty much all of our time in the same room, doing more or less the same things.  Tyson and I noted that it didn't even feel like we were in Madison, but on vacation at some strange hotel.  Where they gave you babies.  Mornings were actually incredibly relaxing for us, as Tyson and I mostly forbid visitors before noon, and got to lounge in bed feeding and cuddling babies while watching The Today Show (live from Sochi!), and eating surprisingly yummy hospital breakfasts (yay room service!).  It also gave me a chance to shower and feel somewhat human again every day.  And each day got a little bit easier...the first day it was enough just to shower, but by the next day I was able to do a little something to my hair, and by the end I was showering and going to the bathroom almost independently, and doing my hair and makeup.  Like a champ.  In general though, I don't really remember individual days, just a conglomeration of moments.

Yup, there really are two babies.  Don't look at me (no hair or makeup quite yet), just focus on them.

Poor Caden had to spend the better part of his second day under the Bili Lights to prevent him getting jaundiced.  He HATED it (which is the understatement of the year).  We had figured him out enough by this point to note that he loved being held and cuddled, and had an extreme dislike of having all of his clothes off...suffice to say he did NOT have a very good second day in this world.

Luckily holding daddy's hand helped, at least a little.

After Caden got away from the light, I was able to get some cute photos of them in new outfits that the grandparents had just bought.

"Hey Caden, wake up!  We're on the outside!"

Got some cuddles in with my girly girl...

...and daddy liked being skin to skin with his cuddle buddy.  He got extra cuddles after his ordeal with the Bili Lights.

And then they let us take these two little people home.  And here we are.  There were two (!!!) babies inside of me, and now they are out of me and in the's all pretty crazy.

Caden now outweighs his sister, at 5 lbs. 12 oz., which means that he gained 11 oz. in just the past five days.  Brooklyn weighs 5 lbs. 11 oz., so they are back to being within just an ounce of each other again.

They are almost two weeks old...which also means that Tyson and I are coming up on two weeks of (virtually) no sleep.  We're on a new level of zombie-mode, just getting through the days and nights.  And I'm going stir-crazy, having only left the house to go to a couple of doctor's appointments.  And this C-section thing is a little nuts since I can't do normal things, like go up and down stairs.  Or lift them in their car seats.  Or even drive. But they are pretty damn awesome.  And adorable.  And we love them to pieces.