Read, Watched, Listened

I love reading just about everything, watching comedy and documentary-type things, and wholeheartedly embrace the podcast.  I also enjoy hearing about what other people are reading, watching, and listening.  Here's my two cents worth.

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Operating Instructions
I love me some Anne Lamott. This book doesn't quite have the punch that some of her others do, like Traveling Mercies or Help, Thanks, WowAnd it's not really meant to: she took the journal she kept during the first year of her son's life and turned it into a book. But don't think it's going to document every precious first, she packs a lot of emotion and even politics(ish) into this little tome (sorry, Republicans). It's a quick little read, perfect for summer and some good "me, too!" moments if you're a parent.

Eight Flavors (the Untold Story of American Cuisine)
Books about food are almost always interesting to me, even better if they are interwoven with history, and I thought the premise behind this one was interesting. Sarah Lohman walks through eight different flavors in American cuisine and how they have been used in our culture throughout the past few hundred years. I appreciate that she picks flavors that I wouldn't necessarily think of as American (Sriracha, anyone?), but have come to dominate our food culture and celebrate our nation of immigrants.

Miller's Valley
This one was so good. So good that I'm tempted to go back and read it again right now. I LOVE the characters that Anna Quindlen creates and her ability to weave storylines together. I don't even want to say that much about it, except there was a twist at the end that I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT see coming and left me staring at the page (er...tablet screen) with my jaw dropped. Go read it.

Still Life With Bread Crumbs
So then I got on an Anna Quindlen kick and went to see which other books were available from the library and this was the only one without a waiting list. I'm almost finished and also really enjoying it. Again, I just LOVE her characters. I'm not into this one quite as much as Miller's Valley (there's a bit of a romance strain I could do without), but it's a still a great read. Bonus that the main character is a famous photographer, which I enjoy since it taps into my own love of all things creative.


The Seventies
Another decade miniseries by CNN. They do a great job with each episode, capturing a different aspect of life and/or events of the 1970's. The interviews are fantastic, as are the old video clips, and gave me a bit of a sense of deja-vu just like the '60's series did (uh...Nixon, anyone?). I will say though that episode four, Crimes and Cults, was one that I could have done without. It was very disturbing, and I kept waking up in the middle of the night slightly terrified and we totally should have skipped it and I probably need therapy now. 

If you consider yourself an artist or designer of any sort, or if you're interested in design, you will be intrigued by this series. I love hearing about each individual's creative process and how their ideas get from the page into real life. Each episode is shot so artfully (as one might expect) and I love the interviews. We're almost done, and I can't wait to get to the last episode on interior design!


Coffee + Crumbs Podcast
I know, I know, I mentioned this one on my last round-up, but one of my favorite episodes of anything that I've listened to lately was the on they did last week on having three kids (Three's Company, Too). As a fellow mom of three, I could totally relate, and loved that they did an episode centered entirely around moms of three. Favorite quote: "Three kids is the gateway to large families...there's an unspoken dividing line between a two-kid family and three or more. Everything: you need a bigger car, you need a bigger table at the restaurant, and I do feel a kinship with families that are three or more." Also: "It's already crazy, you're just kind of adding a little more to the crazy, but you're used to crazy!"


SheIn Women's Summer Short Sleeve Loose Casual Tee T-shirt

I know, not a usual category on here. But I have been LIVING in these t-shirts so I wanted to share. I have one in black and one in light gray so far, and I'm tempted to order more if/when they get more colors in my size. They fit loose but true-to-size and are cute either untucked or with a half-tuck in front. The loose fit is perfect for summer. They're not at all tight or clingy, so it's light and breathable on these hot days. One note: the cut is slightly low, but I get around it by wearing a tank or lacy bralette underneath. 


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