Post (Second Birthday and Last as a Family of Four!!!) Weekend

{banana cake making}

{banana cake decorating}
{ALL the sprinkles!!!!!!!1!!!1!!)

(afternoon coloring marathon}

{post-coloring selfies}

{birthday trip to zoo}

{human toddlers meet baby giraffe}

{"ROARS" (aka lions) }

{this is actually the best photo of mommy + birthday twins at the zoo}
{no, really, it's the least blurry}

{birthday bikes!}

{need just ONE MORE INCH to be able to ride (erm...scoot?) solo}

{okay, sometimes the best photos are blurry}

{birthday candles x 2}

{and finally...birthday cake!}
{sprinkles and all}
{my sprinkle layer was the same thickness as my frosting layer}
{it was still delicious}