Nolan Photo Dump

Nolan's birth story to come...but for now I couldn't resist dumping here some of the three hojillion photos I've taken over the past five days, crappy cell phone pics and all...

{Ready to go to the hospial.}
{aka Last pic as a family of four.}
{aka Caden and Brooklyn have no idea what's about to hit them.}

{Let's do this.}

{Hello world!}

{Proud daddy.}

{Probably the least flattering but most cuddly moment.}

{On the way to meet little brother.}


{Pro tip for taking a family photo with two toddlers and a newborn: I got nothin.}

{Intent on tackling "baby" with hugs and kisses.}


{Woke up the following morning to the most beautiful Christmas snow.}
{I could enjoy it since I was confined to the hospital and didn't have to actually deal with it.}
{Still relieved that it melted by afternoon, though.}

{Sibling visit number two.}

{Not sure what was more exciting to this two-year old; baby brother or the cabinets just his size to hide and play in.}

{The sweetest good-bye kiss.}
{Baby brother might have trumped the cabinets after all.}

{Still waiting on those pro tips for taking pics with two toddlers and a newborn...}

{Quiet time on day three for Nolan and mommy meant a chance for some photo-taking.}

{Those lips, tho.}

{Sibling visit day three.}

{Trying to share the Daniel Tiger app with Nolan.}
{Sharing technology?  Now THAT'S brotherly love.}

{Time to go home!}

{Snuggled up...home at last.}
{Not sure where all that dark hair came from.  Assuming it stays we now have a regular Triumvirate: a brunette, a redhead, and a blondie.}
{Found out after our home visit with a nurse just a few hours ago that this little guy has already gained four ounces since coming home just yesterday, putting him almost back up to birthweight.  Keep it up, little man.}

And, just for fun...

Nolan ready to come home...

...vs. almost exactly two years ago.  #timeflies