Christmas Cookies

We had some family over this weekend (cousins and their girls) (Sorry, Caden.  You were outnumbered again.) for some Christmas cookie decorating.

And playtime.  Of course.

I wasn't really sure how Caden and Brooklyn would take to decorating cookies.  I mean, fairly young toddlers with frosting and sprinkles?  Will they understand?  Will they care?  Will they just immediately consume everything within their reach?  Do they even have the skills and coordination to decorate a cookie in the first place?

Oh, they had skills all right.  


I think this was the first time, after a good ten minutes of meticulously spreading the frosting and sprinkles all over the surface of his cookie, that Caden (CADEN! of all people) took a taste.  He took the decorating of his cookies very, very seriously.

And don't let that face fool you.  I kept finding blobs of cookies -- all the edges eaten off, no longer recognizable as any sort of cookie shape -- all over the place.  Remnants of a constant afternoon-into-evening cookie snack fest by this guy.


also got into it.


She was a bit more liberal with the frosting tasting.  At one point shea ginormous glob of frosting off of her knife, and sat there staring into space for the next minute or so, as the sugar high probably hit and exploded her little mind.

This picture about sums up their whole experience:

It was so much fun, and Caden was melting hearts as he blew kisses galore as everyone left. I think decorating Christmas cookies with the fam is going to become an annual tradition.

(FYI everything was store-bought this year.  Pre-made dough, frosting, etc.  I had no time or energy after recovering from being sick to make much of anything from scratch.  I rolled the (conveniently pre-made tube of) dough out and baked the cutouts before everyone arrived, so they were cool enough to decorate right away.  Half the cookies also spread out and became giant blobs (is this an angel or a Christmas tree?) and guess what?  NOBODY CARED.  Blob cookies still taste delicious.  I also had everything to make Rice Krispie bars and puppy chow and tackled those with the oldest girl.  Everyone got some delicious goodies to take home with minimal effort.  Win-win-win.)