The Next Step: Plot Twist

So I've had A LOT to say, but haven't been able to say it because...

Even when I did have something to say I've been too tired/nauseous/in the bathroom peeing for the 986th time to write it down anyway, and anything I did have to say would have been something like:

a.)  I'm soooooooooo exhaus-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
b.)  Everything I wanted to eat today sounded good until it was in front of me on the plate.

or even just:

c.)  ZOMG WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!

So there's that.

We had different, somewhat nomadic plans for the upcoming year that I kepet meaning to write about but then THIS happened and those plans were NOT AT ALL compatible with adding a newborn to the mix, so we promptly quashed everything and instead are busy with:

  1. Tyson finding a job.  So...
  2. We can move back to the Twin Cities to be closer to family.  To do this we need...
  3. To buy a house.  But...
  4. Before we can do that, we need to get approved for a mortgage.  Which, we've been pre-approved (yay!), but can't be officially, really, truly, approved and set things into motion until...
  5. Tyson finds a job.
Tyson is close on the job front, I've been looking at homes like crazy, and we're looking, hoping, with fingers crossed that we'll be ready to move by the end of this month or early the next. like three weeks away.  And I haven't packed a damn thing.  Or looked into hiring movers.  Or informed our apartment office when exactly we'll be leaving.  Oh, and along with all of this Caden and Brooklyn are still around and need things like: food. And diaper changes.  And attention.  

It'll be FINE.

(My due date is February 27th (according to our first ultrasound), which is exactly a week after Caden and Brooklyn's second birthday.  Sorry, guys.  Here's hoping that you won't have to share your birthday with another sibling.)