Double Jump, Pillow Pile!

Jumping off of the couch onto pillows, or: one way to eat up 45 minutes before bedtime.

(And it wore them the heck out, too.)

You should have heard all the giggling.  Constant, from-the-gut, full-on, toddler giggling.

This may look as though Brooklyn has no fear, just like Caden, but let me reassure you that our delicate princess remains her cautious and careful self.  Caden just walked until there was no couch left, until gravity plummeted him downward onto the pillows, whereas Brooklyn walked to the edge, carefully sat down, and pushed herself off the remaining two inches to the ground.  You go, sister.

I'd apologize for the blurriness, but this is pretty much how it looked in real time.

"Outta my way!  I'll show you how carefully this is done."

And sometimes we lost our pants.