Post Weekend (and Last Week)

So ends a couple of fun-filled weeks with the grandparents.  It's fun when family comes to visit, of course, and our days are packed with activities.  Things that are probably a lot more fun with all the undivided attention to go around, instead of my usual very divided attention, what with all the active effort required when flying solo to keep both toddlers from killing themselves.

(That face.  You'd never be able to tell that he's having a blast.)

(The merry-go-round animals were quickly abandoned for the safer territory of the stationary bench.  $7.50 well spent!)



We love our visitors, especially of the grandparent variety.  And yet it's always nice to go back to the quiet of our regular routine.  Or, the semi-quiet of a sort-of routine life with two young toddlers.

Though sometimes we take a break from whatever sort of routine we have to do some dancing in the rain.


Splash on.