Post (Father's Day) Weekend

I feel like I should have something significant to say about Father's Day, now that we have kids and all.

I don't.

We're lucky enough to have fathers, three of them (one daddy, two grandpas) (one grandpa who visited last week, one who will be coming this week), who are excited and invested and truly enjoy doing things with us.

Like reading us books:

Or going to the park for some giggles:

Splashing with us in the kiddie pool:

(Brooklyn's newest kick: saying "oh-oh-oh" while she purses her lips just so.)

Going on dates with us:

('Dat view, tho.)

Enjoying the animals with us at the zoo:

(And paying tribute to my alma mater.  Go Bears!)

Splashing with us some more, in the much BIGGER kiddie pool:

And splashing again, quite literally, at the splash pad (I guess the theme this weekend was water):

("Where did the water go?"  Every.  Single.  Time.  Totes adorbs.)

And not minding (much) when we spoil ourselves with a little treat (or, ahem, "fix"):

(Okay, that was kind of  a stretch, but yes I succumbed and ordered my first Stitch Fix, and yes, it was totally awesome.  If you want to get some of your own awesomeness, check out my referral link here.)

Caden, Brooklyn, and I really are lucky to have dads who are so excited and involved in our lives.  Everything from driving 4+ hours to see us to hanging by the pool once we get here. And to have a husband/dad who is excited to do the most mundane tasks together, like a trip to the grocery store.  Though, really, let's admit it, he goes there for the free samples.

(Just like the splash pad!  You might have thought that we went there for the kids, but, nope.  We went there by Tyson's request.  Just like you might think I have two kids, but, nope.  I have twins and one MUCH older one.  Maybe that's what makes him such a great dad.  :)  )