The Next Step, Part 2 (or Maybe 1.5)

(Part 1 here.)

The Good News:  Tyson and I made a decision!  This decision involved him accepting a job!

The Bad News:  Less than a week later he got an email saying that "circumstances have changed" and they revoked their job offer.

The Good News:  Tyson still has another place interested in him, and they were very excited when he called them (back, again) to explain that hey, just kidding, remember how I told you I accepted another job?  Well things have changed, and I am back on the market.

The Bad News:  This means that we went from having a 100% sure decision, knew where we were going to go, started to tell people, started to make plans, to...hoping and praying that this other interview works out.  And it should!  All signs point to yes.  But, as you might imagine, we aren't really banking on anything anymore.  I'm not even bothering to look up information about this new location until the ink is good and dry on the contract. (Okay...I'm looking up hardly anything.)

So...yeah.  It's kind of frustrating to have spent so much time agonizing over this decision, then actually making the decision of where to go and feeling pretty good about it, and then having everything just completely taken out of your hands.  We were starting to research the important things.  Like housing!  Where to live?  Rent or buy?  Let's plan a house-finding trip!  What are the local churches like?  And: Where is the nearest Target?

This isn't very common, this job-revoking thing.  Beyond their vague reasoning, we don't, and won't know why, though we imagine that it has something to do with funding.  But...oh well.  Such is life.  Here we go again.  I've lived with uncertainty in this situation so long that it's kind of like an old friend.  It was almost comfortable to go back to not knowing. The day he got the "lol nvm" email, we were in shock, and disbelief, (I'll admit that the TV did more than its fair share of parenting that day), but  By that evening we were joking about it.  What are ya gonna do?  Can't sit in a corner and cry about it.  So Tyson heads out next week for this other interview.

Our fingers are very, very crossed.


Caden "feeding" the baby doll.


Oh, and Brooklyn's new 'do.

Luckily these two don't care much about what's happening and where we go next.  Or if they do, they're keeping it to themselves.