A Boy and His Microwave

We may have recently had a birthday around here, complete with gifts of toys and books galore, but Caden's latest obsession?

The microwave.

For the past few days he follows me around and around until he can get right in front of me, where he attempts to crawl up my body and/or reaches up (adorably, I might add) to be held, and then points to the kitchen.  Where we stand for minutes on end pulling open the door of the microwave, peering into the microwave, and slamming the door of the microwave.  Open, peer, slam.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  With occassional breaks to point at the numbers of the microwave's digital clock.

Babies, man.  I've stopped trying to figure them out.

The problem is, that he will do this FOREVER.  MINUTES UPON MINUTES ON END.  My arms get exhausted, so I try to distract him with something else and set him down, where he promptly begins to wail to be picked up again so he can play with the microwave.

My weary arms and I gave up last night, and took the microwave down from the counter for him to play with.

"This is AWESOME!"

"Praise Jesus."

"Hmmm...I just know there is food in here sometimes..."

(Don't worry, Tyson and I are not complete idiots, we took the turn table thing-y out and did not plug it in.)

(Good thing, too):


"Caden, are you trying to microwave your sister?"  "Nooooooo........."

Brooklyn is less enthralled with the microwave, but feels the need to examine any new object on the premises with one little pointer finger...

Me:  "They can't hurt it or anything, can they?"  Tyson:  "Nah, probably the worst thing they can do is shut their fingers in the door."  *Both look over to see that Caden has climbed on TOP of the microwave.*  Tyson:  "Nevermind.  The worst thing they can do is climb up on top of the microwave and then fall off of it."  No biggie.

Also not pictured: Caden with his head and most of his body in the microwave.  Probably trying to figure out where all the magical hot food comes from.

Toys!  Who needs 'em?!?