The Next Step, Part One

While I alluded to the fact that Tyson ditched us last week, I didn't elaborate on why he was gone. 

He went on his first, grown-up, big person job interview.  (Scheduled back-to-back with a trip to a university in NYC, where he was invited to give a talk.  Because apparently my husband is important like that.)

(Okay, so he had a couple of internships in college.  I suppose those were grown-up, big person type interviews, too.  But they were temporary.  And, heck, he was still in school. So maybe those were pre-grown-up, big person job interviews?)

At any rate, this is his first job interview for a position once he graduates.  This May.  With his PhD.  For good.

And people want to hire him.  Yay!  This is good news!  (Says the girl who had it dawn on her one day not too long ago that, hey, you could go through this entire job applying for and interviewing process and...end up not getting hired.  By anyone.  Huh.  Yeah.)

Now...we have to make decisions.  Grown-up, big person decisions.  There are deadlines. Where to go?  For how long-ish?  How easy would it be to move/live/work there?  What is the pay/benefits? What's the cost of living like?  How close is family?  Would it be (relatively) easy to make trips "home"?  (I haven't lived in MN for ten (10!) years and yet I still call it home.)

We've dissected everything and talked in circles (can you talk in any other shape?  A square?  Dodecahedron, perhaps?)  through every option.  At one point yesterday we thought we had a decision and were actually looking at houses/rentals in that market. Literally the next hour there were two other options suddenly on the table (more or less) that were potential game changers

This is exhausting.  I'm usually excellent with decisions.  I would go so far as to say that I love making decisions.  Uncertainty annoys me.  I knew since middle school that I would major in interior design.  I thought about which college I wanted to attend for about 1.2 seconds (My parents, worried that I made the college selection process too simple when my friends were applying to 5, 6, 7, 10+ universities, made me consider/visit another school. There was no comparison.).  I thought for a liiiitttttle bit longer about whether I wanted to marry this Tyson character.  I suppose this is a much bigger life decision, one that affects more than just me.  Or even Tyson and me.  

Oh hai!

(Not pictured, assorted family, friends, etc., who all have their own secret and not-so-secret desires for our next life stage.)

Even though I've been anticipating this moment practically since we were married (graduation and a real-person paycheck, woo-hoo!!!!!), it now seems so...real.  Official.  I kept saying that I just needed to know WHERE we were going to be next, so I could start thinking and planning and researching housing and creating LISTS, etc., etc., etc.  I dunno.  Now that it's here, there's something to be said for the uncertainty of the in-limbo stage.

I don't have some sort of tidy conclusion to all of this yet, although I think we are 95% certain of what our next step is going to be.

Hope the suspense is killin y'all almost as much as it has been killing me.

P.s.  To add to all the dramaz, and on top of everything else that is normally going on around here, I'm also trying to plan/prepare for the twins one year photos, and, oh yeah, a big ol' party that's happening here in a couple of weeks.  Perfect timing is perfect!

P.p.s.  And then because life just isn't exciting enough around here Tyson called today to tell me that he'd lost the keys to the car.  The only set of keys to that particular car.  The one that he drove to campus.  With the carseats in it.  So it's not like I could have just packed up the babies and gone to pick him up or anything.  And he called the dealership to find out that a new key would cost $400 (!!!) to make!  And THEN...he found the key by retracing his steps today.  The end.  Except that he gave me a good 40 minutes worth of even MORE to worry about, which just seemed that much WORSE since it was compounded by everything ELSE. *sigh*