Post Weekend (and Then Some) (At Nana and Papa's)

Dude, Nana and Papa have a TV.

That they like, turn on sometimes.

Minds = blown.  (Also probably missing a few brain cells.)

Tyson was out of town again this past week, as part of his Hey-We-Have-Twins-Now-So-Imma-Schedule-Me-As-Many-Trips-As-I-Can-So-I-Can-Actually-Get-Some-Sleep Scheme (I'm on to your plan here, honey), so the babies and I went to my parents house.

Where Caden became ridiculously good at posing, apparently.


And also started looking freakishly like a toddler.  Don't you DARE to call him a toddler though, or I will slap your face off.  He's still mah baaayyybeeee...I haven't even taken the tags off yet!

(Probably my new favorite picture of Caden ever.)

He also ate all the blueberries he could find, and damn near ate an entire pint of them over the course of two meals.  (Brooklyn, of course, won't touch the things.  Let's not make it too easy on me here, kids.)

His other favorite pastime was to try to catch the sunlight on the floor.  He was...unsuccessful.

Oh yeah, I brought another baby (who is also most definitely NOT a toddler) along, too.


Just keeping track of these here sweet potatoes.  Wouldn't want anyone to forget about them or the fact that it's almost dinner time here or anything...

I'm going to miss the pointing stage.  Sometimes Brooklyn gets so EXCITED to point that she just wants to POINT at something!  Anything!  So she flails her arm around for awhile, little finger outstretched, until she sees something that she's actually somewhat interested in, and then points at that thing with all her little might.


Besides lounging around, both of them were pretty excited to walk around while giving their foolishly willing suspect's pointer fingers a death grip.  (Seriously, you start to lose feelings in those things after awhile.)


Just wait until I tell them that someday soon they'll be able to do this all on their own...

"What?!?  No way!  That's crazy talk!"

We also went to visit Dava (great grandma).  Who apparently had cleaned and vacuumed before we arrived.  And we got there around snack time.  So basically the poor lady is probably still picking Cheerios out of her carpet here a week later.  Whoops.  Sorry about that.  (Then again, she raised six kids, so she probably didn't even notice the mess made by my lonely two.)  (Maybe.)

We ended the weekend by watching the Super Bowl.

(I used to be much more of an anti-screen time Nazi, but then I discovered that they usually pay attention to the TV for about 2.459 minutes before becoming much more interested in toys, books,  and (mostly) mass destruction.  I also discovered that it can help me get dinner on the table.  Hooray!)

Now we're back home.  We were gone juuuust long enough that I'm now in the I-Have-No-Idea-What-Day-Or-Even-Really-What-Time-It-Is phase of return.  I have obligations this week...I think? Maybe?  And it's totally Sunday, right?  Just kidding, it's Monday.  No wait...crap.

Oh well.  At least we have groceries again.