A "Year" of Twins

One year ago today, we found out that not only did we have one fuzzy little bean jumping around inside of me...

...but there were TWO fuzzy little jumping beans.  Twin A and Twin B.  Baby A and Baby B.  Thing 1 and Thing 2.

From the ultrasound tech asking, "Do twins run in your family?" (uh...I think I know what you're getting at there...) to Tyson being the absolute QUIETEST I have ever heard him be (Tech: "You guys are awfully quiet..."  Tyson: "Just taking it all in!") to realizing that the family of three we thought we were going to have was actually going to jump ahead a chapter to a family of FOUR (!?!??!?!!!).  (Oh yeah, and then having to go back to work after the doctor's appointment and act like NOTHING AT ALL HAD HAPPENED during the past couple of hours, because we weren't ready to break the news yet. Pretty sure I was an absolutely worthless employee the rest of the day.)

And here they are.  Five-and-a-half month old, roly-poly, squirmy, talkative, playful, happy little twins.

Twin A

and Twin B