Five Month Outtakes

Each month, I take several (hundred) photos to compile the monthly updates for the twins.

It looks (sounds?) something like this:

"Caaaaaa-deeeeeennnnn!  Ooooooooohhhh Caaaaaaaa-deeeennnn!!!"  *click click click clickity-click*  "Hey buddy!"  *click click click click click*  "Broooooklyyyyynnnn!  Right here!!!"  *click click click*  "Hey you guys!!!!!!!!!!!" *clicks times one million*

Then I go and edit way more than I ever need to for the few that I actually use for their little updates.

And some months, like this one, I'm left with gold like these, and decide that since I have way too much free time (*sarcasm alert!*) I might as well edit them, too, because they are HIL-AAARRR-IOUS.

These two are part of the, "What the Heck Were You Focusing On, Anyway, Mom?" series:

Next up, we have the "Invisible Things" category:

Invisible Jet Pack!

Invisible Surf Boards!

Swatting an Invisible Bug!  Gaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

"Brooklyn is the  Star of the Show" (alternatively titled "Caden Patiently Deals With Brooklyn's Madness"):



Quickly followed by "Wait, where Did Brooklyn Go?":

Also, "Hands.  Brooklyn Has Them.":

(And they are delicious.)

And then there's the "Blurry, but Not Mom's Fault This Time" genre:

(Girls got some air.)

(THIS IS US MOOOOVVIIIIIINNNNNGGG!!!!!  Good luck taking a picture, lady.)

The "Funny Faces" category:

(Caden is not impressed.)

And last, but not least, two that I like to call "Don't Mess With Brooklyn":