Post (Wedding in San Francisco) Weekend

We were gone this past weekend for a trip to San Francisco for Tyson's brother's wedding. It was beautiful, especially the outdoor ceremony (something that doesn't usually fly in the Midwest).  If you ask Tyson, though, the most wonderful and important part was the best man speech.  * rolls eyes *


We actually left the twins with my parents for THREE WHOLE DAYS.  They were excited for their uncle and (now official!) aunt from afar.  

And while we absolutely missed them, it was nice in a way to get a break, too.  I'm not one of those people either who is like, "OMG I CAN'T LEAVE MY BABIES EVER!!!  YOU WILL HAVE TO PRY THEM OUT OF MY HANDS TO EVEN TAKE THEM TO SCHOOL!".  They were fine, and so were we.  And it was DEFINITELY better than bringing them along.  We avoided taking two babies through the airport, onto an airplane, bombarded by people (however well-meaning) everywhere we went, struggling with them in a new time zone, trying to get them to sleep, trying to get sleep ourselves, etc., etc., etc.  I still had to pump the whole time, though, which DID get pretty annoying (airplane bathrooms anyone?). Yeah, that was fun.

Also it meant that I could do things while we were there like get my makeup did (thanks to Richelle's connections!):

And have time to hang out with the exceptionally good-looking best man:

In conclusion: it was a fun (quick!) weekend, but I don't plan to leave these babies again anytime soon.  :)