Miss Thang

Alright, Caden got his glory.  It's this little lady's turn.

"Cool Girl Wearing Flowers":

It looks like all she's missing is a purse dangling from her wrist.  (Or a cigarette.  In one of those fancy holders.)  And maybe a strand of pearls.  And a fox fur draped around her neck.

My what big eyes you have!

"Fun Girl Wearing Hearts":

"Let me hug you!!!"

I was trying to get a picture of how red her hair is, but it never works...though you can kind of see her crazy long eyelashes.

And finally: "Girl Who is Not Afraid of Thunderstorms":

Yeah, I took all of these pictures during the first thunderstorm these two have ever experienced...

Brooklyn laughed in the face of danger (aka the thunder and lighting).  Scared?  No way.  You might have thought we were at a party or something.

Look at that coy little smile.  This girl is going to be a flirt if we don't watch out...

Half the time these two "smile" by opening their mouths so wide it looks like they're going to inhale you.  They open up so big that the corners of their mouths can't even curve up anymore into an actual smile.  It's basically the cutest thing ever.

"Yeah, I know, I'm the best smile-er ever.  Also, the thunder can eat it.  I'm way too tough for any old storm.  Plus, I'm wearing a ginormous ruffle.  WIN."

But she's not so tough all the time...

All together now:  "aaaaawwwww..."