Post Weekend

Nothin too fancy, but here's what the weekend (actually, just Sunday.  These pictures are all from Sunday) looked like 'round here...

Mostly it involved looking super cute.  Except Caden kind of looks like a ghost.  I guess the lighting was super funky for a moment or something, because here is proof that he is actually not a ghost at all:

We were getting ready for babies' very first grill-out.  Not pictured: the grill-out.  What? I'm supposed to take care of two babies, drink my beer, eat my food, socialize with my friends, AND take cute pictures all at the same time?  Maybe if I was some sort of wizard.

We also liked looking at ourselves in the mirror while we took a bath.  And yes, I am using the plural pronoun "we" here, although it is clearly only Brooklyn who is taking a bath while looking in the mirror.

Exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of Daddy taking the pictures, which we also found fascinating.  More fascinating than our own selves in the mirror, it seems.  (Speaking of the mirror, holy bejeezus does that need to be cleaned.  Someone should really get on that.)

Caden seemed to find his bath SUPER enjoyable.  I have to say, if I could sit in a gigantic, soft, comfy, me-sized flower I would probably find bath time to be this enjoyable also.

Then, like most of us, Caden proceeded to contemplate the meaning of life while soaking in the bath.



So while he seems to have figured out the meaning of life, he can't talk quite yet, so we'll have to get back to you on that in the next year or so.  Maybe it's just sitting in a gigantic, soft, comfy, me-sized flower while taking a bath.

I also realized that Caden is no longer my little lump.

For reference, this was Caden a mere seven weeks ago:

...and this is Caden now:

I knew they were getting bigger and all, but holy crap does this illustrate the difference.  It appears the "frogger" days are over already.  I'm trying to get them to slow down on this whole "growing" nonsense, but it appears to not be working.