Mr. Man

I call this series: "A Boy and His Fist":


"Hmmm...what's over there?"

"Oh.  Have you been watching me this whole time?"

Just a BOSS.

And now: "Chubby Cheeks Asleep in Swing":

Seriously, when Caden is relaxed (and/or not happy), his entire face just melts into a smoosh of cheeks and lips.


When this kid is in a good mood, he is the happiest kid in the world.  And when he's not, well...

This is during playtime.  You'd think I was torturing the kid.  He's all, "NO.  I refuse to have fun." *WORLD'S BIGGEST POUT*

But one place is ALWAYS fun...

The changing table.  I don't know what good vibrations the changing table possesses, but both kids LOVE being up there.  Like it's their favorite spot in the whole entire world.  They can be shrieking, screaming, crying-crying-CRYING...and then once on top of the table, it's smiles and babbles all the way.  At first my theory was that they knew they were going to eat soon (since we always change them before eating), but they will be in a good mood on the changing table for an inordinately long amount of time.  Like there is no way they could be that hungry and then completely forget about it.  This particular day I was talking to Caden on the changing table for at LEAST a half hour...

I give you..."A Boy and His Changing Table":

Whatevs.  Keep the good vibes coming.