Read, Watched, Listened

I love reading just about everything, watching comedy and documentary-type things, and wholeheartedly embrace the podcast.  I also enjoy hearing about what other people are reading, watching, and listening.  Here's my two cents worth.


Small Great Things
Not only did I really enjoy this novel, but it is ON POINT as far as current issues are concerned. I know some people could take or leave Picoult's work, but I've always loved her writing. Yes, she tends to recycle many of her plotlines (dramatic legal case + lawyer who gets their world turned upside down + possible caricatures of a group in society), but books are always character-driven for me, and she is amazing at creating people who are complex and interesting. I also love her dialogue, even when it is less than believable. I highly recommend reading this for a take on what it means to be black in America today.

Bird by Bird
Anne Lamott is my spirit animal. And she is good at writing about writing. I was also happy to learn that her writing process is something like mine, which includes sitting in front of a screen forever while 3487 other non-writing related things come to mind and always, always, always begins with a SFD (shitty first draft). 

The Third Plate
If you've read Michael Pollen's In Defense of Foodthis is like the next step. The title refers to a progression in the way we eat in America and the West. His "first plate" stars a large portion of protein with a starchy side and a vegetable, the second plate features the same components, but ones that are organically grown and locally sourced, while the "third plate" features plants and grains as the stars, with small portions of meat on the side. It was complex and interesting (though it was a little hard for me to keep track of who was who at times) and it was also infuriating. It left me frustrated with the industrial food complex we've created and feeling like I need to cultivate at least half my yard to grow our own food next year. Maybe we'd be eating "well" then?

Every Last One
Anna Quindlen again. It's safe to say she's my new favorite. I really got into this book while we were on vacation (see picture above) and I thought it was more of a fun beach read-type novel until I got halfway through and the ENTIRE book changed. I can't really say more without giving it away, but then Tyson went out-of-town for work and I had a lot of trouble sleeping that first night. Still worth may just want to sleep with the lights on.


Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King
HILARIOUS. There were parts in the middle that I was like, "okay...this is okay...I don't know where he's going with this" but he brings it BACK at the end and ties everything together and it is SO well done. He's funny and it's beautiful how he weaves everything together in this comedy piece. Stay in and watch it for date night.

The Great British Baking Show
Round two for us as we watched season three. This is just one of those mindless, wonderful, feel-good shows where the biggest drama is someone's cake not rising properly. We love it, I'm a sucker for accents, and add in baked goods and I'm absolutely hooked.


God Centered Mom Podcast
I've linked to this one before, but I am super into her Summer of Mentorship series. Heather is re-releasing old shows from wise women who have been in our shoes as moms...but for most of them it was like 50 years ago. Even the ones I have heard before are well worth listening to again, and I find myself shaking my head in agreement and wondering if I should just sit down and take notes from these wonderful women. It's pretty hard to choose, but I think Vicki Kraft may have been my favorite so far. 

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