Favorites of 2017

2017 12 30 Favorite Things.jpg

This t-shirt.

These tennis shoes.

This drapey tee.

This novel. And this one. This one, too. This collection of essays on motherhood. This beautiful Bible. This book on faith and so much more.

Listened to this on repeat.

This eyebrow stuff.

This portable speaker.

This political podcast. And another one. And this one for laughs and solidarity.

This children's Bible.

This jewelry line.

The marketing emails (yes, really) from this brand. (Their products, of course, too.)

This appetizer (that we usually ate as a meal). This cake. These enchiladas.

These portable water painting books for the kids.

Watching this documentary series. And this drama. And this one just for fun.

Something I wrote about bedtime. And how I felt parenting for much of this year. And, most of all, this essay on the importance of baking cookies.