Post Weekend

Event #1:

We are officially mobile.  As in, we pull ourselves along the floor on our belly (aka "creeping").  Like it ain't no thang.  It's adorable.  And mildly terrifying.  In that I officially have three children who can move themselves from one place to another BY THEIR OWN DANG SELVES kind of way.  Send help.  And coffee.

Oh, and that floor vent?  Ain't no coincidence that I took a picture of him there.  It's officially his favorite thing.  You lay him on the floor and his eyes light up when he focuses on it.  Then he does that excited-baby-feet-kick thing that reminds me of a dog wagging it's tail drags himself on over there.  Not just to any old floor vent, mind you.  That particular one.  I really think that right thar floor vent was his entire motivation to move around.  As seen here:

(Please excuse the whining toddler in the background.  #threeunderthree)

Event #2:

Friday morning Farmer's Market trip with Nana and Papa.

And lunch.

And bookstore perusing.  Attaboy.

$8.00 worth of farmer's market flowers.  They make me happy.  As does arranging them.  Love it.

Event #3:

All playing BY THEMSELVES in the living room.  Together, but separate.  Separate, but equal.  No crying.  No fighting.  Just quiet playing for an extended period of time.

Extended in toddler-time being like, less than 10 minutes.  Less than 10 GLORIOUS minutes. It would be the ideal time to get something, anything, done, but they're so adorable when this happens that I just want to sit and watch.

So I did.

Event #4:

First official sibling bathtime.

"I dump wa-wa No-an's head?"  NO.  You DO NOT dump water on Nolan's head.  

Surprise!  They totally dumped water on No-an's head.  In typical third-child fashion, it didn't seem to phase him.  (*eyerolls*)

Event #5:

Happy Half Birthday!

Officially 2 1/2.  With the stickers to prove it.  Which, I would just like to point out, were also from last year but never worn.  These stickers survived a move, 10 or so months sitting in a drawer that is ACCESSIBLE in their own bedroom, I remembered that they existed, AND we wore them on the exact appropriate day.  Please let us take your focus off of them for a minute so we can celebrate me.  All the parenting wins right there.

How did they celebrate, you might ask?  Well they wanted to go to "daddy's store" (aka Lowe's) to see the tractors (aka lawnmowers).  Easiest half birthday celebration ever.

(Sometimes goofy blurry pics are the best.)

Event #6:


We mostly liked it.


First solid food?  We might as well work on self-feeding right off the bat as well.  

Nom nom avocado spoon.

And a surprisingly eventful weekend around here.