August, Take Two

I'm not sure that I exactly like August any better than the last time I posted, but...

...I guess it's not all bad.

Tyson was gone for four days to a family reunion this past weekend, so he took an extra day off to be with us this week.  (Ahem I told him that he couldn't go never ever ever period no way Jose was he leaving me with three babies unless he took another day off just to spend with us.) (My cousin's daughter also came over to help us out for three of the days.  So there's that.  Paying a teenager to hang out with my sometimes-whiny kids and help with fun things like constant toy clean up?  Genius.)  So on the afternoon of "family: day, we took Caden and Brooklyn to a splash pad that I'd heard about nearby while my mom watched Nolan.  Imagine my surprise when we showed up to find not only the splash pad, (which was kinda lame), but a beach.  A beautiful, sandy, clean, glorious lake beach.

Ain't a Minnesotan out there who can resist this.

So we pulled out our towels, and a few snacks, and made camp.  We didn't have sand toys or floaties.  We didn't have a cooler.  We didn't have much time (here was that darn nursing baby to get back to and all).  But we had perfect weather, warm water, and the beach practically to ourselves (weekdays!).  Besides, other kids had beach toys for us to share steal. Why bother with our own?  Too much work, really.

(Also, ain't a mama out there who can resist taking a break in the sand while daddy takes care of the kids.  This is about the time that I was missing a cooler full of icy-cold drinks...)

(Brooklyn's cute and all but the best part of this photo is the American popsicle float in the background.)

(Brooklyn agrees.)

(Proof that it was a successful beach day.)