Post Weekend

It's funny, because any time I put up one of these posts, it strikes me as how much these are mere glimpses into our days and weekends.  How many times did I break up a fight or calm a tantrum?  (Too many.)  How much of my time is spent making food, cleaning up food, or nursing a baby?  (Approximately all of it.)  Some of of my most treasured parts of this weekend - meeting friends for drinks and a much-need break on Friday night (I stayed out until almost midnight like the rebel I really am) and church on Saturday evening - are things that rarely make it to this screen.  All us moms are too excited to be out sans children having actual adult conversation to bother much with our phones (besides occasional checks to be sure that all is well on the homefront), and outside of a wedding or baptism, who bothers to take pictures at church, anyway?

All that to say that it's always funny, in a way, to look at these photos, and know that the circumstances had to be just right to take each one: no nursing baby, no crying toddlers, no fights, tantrums, or food clean-up going on.  And how RARELY they capture the actual reality of our days.  But they are moments in time that were good.  Very good.

I feel like I've said this all before (oh wait, I pretty much totally did, not all that long ago, dummy), but that's okay.  It's probably worth repeating.

(Literal moments in time.  I think my genius idea of "hey lets paint to kill some time because we're pretty much stuck inside on yet another 100+ degree day!" captured their attention for all of 15 minutes.  And we only had one spilled paint cup on the floor.)

(Poor man's watercolor paint = water + several drops of food coloring.  Plus some watercolor paper from a pad leftover from college because I'm *totally* going to take up watercoloring again someday HAHAHA jk I have three small children.)

(Everyone napped at the same time on Saturday.  Except for me.  It was so - what's that word? - quiet that I literally didn't know what to do with myself.  Do I read?  Do I get something done?  Do I eat all the chocolate?  I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH SUCH FREEDOM.)

(Baby kisses.)

(Om nom nom nom.)

(Never have I ever seen a bigger set of blue eyes.)

(Testing out the new patio set with Nana and Papa.  Theirs, not ours.  And this photo is representative of the approximate 1.48 minutes we were all sitting at the table at the same time before the two-year olds ran off like the hyper, uncivilized crazies they really are.) 

(Proof that it was worth it for my mom to hold onto all those old Beanie Babies.  Not because they're worth any money (ha!), but for the pure excitement these two had with them.  "Ami-mals!")