Big Chip 2016

One Good Day (aka Day One)

{Mom and dad are running around like crazy, packing up ALL OF MY THINGS, and all I want to do is swing.}

{Arrival: ready for action.}

{Life jackets: also handy for kid control.  Who needs a leash?}

{You have fun in that 52-degree water, daddy.  Imma stay right here with my camera, a good book, and a baby.}

One Rainy Day (aka Day Two)

{Not needed.  Whomp-whomp.}

{So...coloring?  I was informed that the above was a portrait of Caden.  Given that it looks like a scribbled whirlwind/tornado, I'd say that its accuracy level is high.}

{Rainy day don't care.  Okay that didn't rhyme.  But this guy didn't care.  Wash-outs are better with cute babies.}

{Who take rainy-day naps on big-person beds.}

{Rainy days also = a visit to the winery.  My fave was the You Betcha Blush, doncha know.}

{First time bellying up to the bar.  We start 'em young up here.  What happens at the lake stays at the lake.}
{Well, until your mom puts it up on her blog.}

One Perfect Day (aka Day Three)

{Feeding fish.  Fun fact: they enjoy Ritz crackers almost as much as toddlers do.  Almost.}

{You're welcome, fishy, fishy, fishies.}

{All the heart eyes.}

{It's called a Lily Pad.  As the below photos will show, the kids absolutely hated it and no one had any fun at all.}

{Nope, no fun at all.}

{"I dwive?  I dwive it?"  Oh yes, he drove it all right.  "I dwive boat!  I dwive boat!"}

{Noon = margaritas.  I love lake time.}

{"My turn!  My turn!"}

{First time dipping his toes into Big Chip.  HE LOVED IT.}

{At the very least, he didn't hate it.  Unlike the Caden and Brooklyn of two years ago.  One more sign of his absolute mellow-ness.  Chalk it up to being baby #3.}

{Trying to figure out sand.  And the sunlight glinting off the water.  Mind = blown.}

Day of Departure

{"We're going to go back to our blue house!"  Caden: "No blue house.  Big Chip!"  Brooklyn:  "No bye-bye!  I Big Chip!"}

{Breakfast on the way out of town.  I remember stacking condiments during this yearly breakfast, too.  Glad to see that the tradition has carried on.  We can call this a family tradition, right?  An event that happens annually?  Sounds like a tradition to me.  No matter how weird it might be.  It's all part of the Big Chip experience.}