Project Sandbox

So if you follow me over on Instagram, you already know what our Friday night consisted of:

Operation: Sandbox.

Let's just say these kids aren't afraid of a little dirt.

Or a lot of it, either.

I thought the dirt-butt pictured above was bad, but that was just a taste of what was to come...

(Brooklyn, every time the sand started sliding down the bed of the trailer even a little bit: "It's coming!")

Because clearly, if a truck backs up to dump out a ton of sand in your backyard, it's sand-slide time.  (Great idea, Dad!  I'll be sending you the laundry bill.)

We often add a few drop of food coloring to the twins' bath water for fun, colorful baths. In case you can't tell, this was not necessary on Friday night.  As soon as Caden and Brooklyn touched the water it was ALL OF THE BROWN.  I'm not sure they got any cleaner sitting in it, actually.

And yes, I was having mild heart palpitations the entire time this was going on.  SO. MUCH. DIRT.  My neat-and-tidy brain was doing all it could to not short-circuit, as it kept going back and forth between "they're having so much fun!" to "I can't EVEN with all that GRIME". And apparently I need to get used to it, since this thing is kind of a permanent fixture in our backyard.

 Oh yeah, and that dirt butt?

(Also this one.)



Possibly my proudest parenting moment.  Play had left a dark brown stain, mommy washed it white as snow.  Slightly dirty snow.  Like, you wouldn't want to eat it.  But still.  Guess I don't need to send you my laundry bill after all, Dad...