Post Weekend

Sometimes when I post photos, I laugh to myself, because while they can look just so, know that the minute just before had toddlers in tears over a toy, and the photo op was quickly brought to an end due to yet another diaper explosion.  But that photo (or two or three)?  It does reflect a perfect moment, even amidst the chaos.  A small moment, maybe the only really great moment in our entire day.  Because believe me, I am not taking pictures when the 2-year olds are whining and the baby is crying and the kitchen is a mess. I see posts that detail the how and why everyone's lives look so "perfect" online, but I don't think they ever really get to the heart of the matter...

When the 2-year olds are whining, the baby is crying and the kitchen is a mess...I've got WORK TO DO, people.  Placate the toddlers, feed the baby, attempt to bring order to the kitchen.  Taking a picture?  Ain't nobody got time for that.  I'm actively NOT taking a picture or even thinking about taking a picture when the twins are fighting or the diaper (and baby, and clothes, and surrounding area) are getting washed down.  (You're welcome.)

In other words, life is anything but as idyllic as it seems in one little photo.

Except these ones.  These ones are good.  This whole weekend was pretty darn wonderful.  

Minus the waking before 6:00 am part.  If you follow me on Facebook, you already know that I could have done without that.  

Also minus the opening the recently-purchased package of ravioli last night to find it covered in mold (um...ew) and having to call an audible at the last minute to get dinner (the rest of which was already in progress) on the table.  Could have done without that part, too.

(I was really, really looking forward to that spinach and cheese ravioli, dammit.)

(Nolan doesn't like all the attention too much.  *sarcasm alert*)

Want to keep a couple of toddlers busy for awhile?

Give 'em a bucket of water and a couple of paint brushes.  (These foam ones are great for toddlers.)  Then let them go to town as they "paint" everything with the water.  Sit back, relax, and take a sip of the adult beverage of your choice.  (Coffee.  This time it was coffee.  C'mon, they were up before 6 am...we were outside "painting" before it was even 9:00,  aka the time I may or may not have even been awake on the weekends before having kids.)

Also: chalk.

I might be biased, but isn't this just about the cutest (just-turned) 3-month old that you ever did see?

Aka Mr. You Told the Internet that I Sleep Through the Night So Now I Haven't Done That for the Past Two Nights in a Row.  Ha!

Thanks, dude.

More sibbling snuggles.  Though not of the before-6 am variety.

C'mon, Nolan has an actual outfit on.  This had to be 7 am at least.

And, to officially inaugurate that it finally feels like summer...

the pool!