Post (Memorial Day) Weekend

This post is brought to you by the letter B.

a Baby:

(with a Bald guy)

Blueberry Baking:

(and eating)

Blueberries again (in final cake-form):

(aka more blueberry eating)

A Baby on his Belly


(operation sandbox: part one)

a Baby (and a toddler and a daddy) on a Blanket:


(in a rare, quiet moment)


(or: a Baby pulling a Baby) (okay, not actually Babies, but I swear they were just yesterday)

a Baby in his Bed:

Book sharing:

(another rare, quiet moment)

a Baby in a Big Bed:


(no, the water is not polluted...our latest craze is not bubbles, but food coloring in the tub)

And a Birthday.

(Happy birthday, dad!)