Life Lately

This stupid bird keeps flying into our patio door.

By "keeps flying into" I mean literally well over 100 times today over the course of a few hours.  A near-constant staccato repetition of a light "bump...bump-bump...bump" as his beak or whatever hits the window over and over and over again.  It's (*sarcasm alert*) not annoying (or mildly terrifying) at all!

I texted my dad about psycho-attack-bird, and he said the bird is defending his territory. He sees his reflection and thinks it's another bird so he tries to attack it.  This makes way more sense than my own two theories which were 1) maybe he's trying to eat bugs (which are plentiful around here, but are non-existant on the non-screen side of the patio door, which is where he keeps dive-bombing) or 2) he doesn't see the glass?  Maybe?  (entirely implausible since I have TWO TODDLERS and the patio door is anything but clean.  The sticky hand prints should be a dead giveaway that there's a DOOR HERE, dummy.).  Whatever the case, he's sure showing that other bird who's boss.

Other non-bird related things going on around here:

Choo-choos have taken over our front hallway.

The train table?  Fuggedaboutit.  That's old news.  We'll do just fine right here.  Please watch your step.

Couch reading:

Reading anywhere, really.  Lots and lots of reading.  And both of the twins have suddenly developed the ability to sit still and pay attention to long stories.  Current favorites, which I grew up with, are the Berenstain Bears.  And by "I grew up with" I mean "I  owned pretty much every single one of the Berenstain Bears books ever written".

I posted on Facebook yesterday that I wasn't quite sure how this would end:

I'm happy to report that it ended just like this:

Which was especially nice after dealing all day with a baby who refused to nap for more than 20-minute stretches, a little girl who only napped for an hour, toddlers who refused (i.e. threw on the floor) a lunch that they specifically requested, and not one, not two, but THREE poop-splosions (two infant, one toddler), resulting in two butt-in-the-sink baths, a few changes of clothes for both mommy and baby, and the laundering of clothing, blankets, diaper covers, and the Boppy.

From now on, we'll just take them outside and hose 'em down.

Though that may not work so well for the infant.


I lied.  I have more bird-related news:

Specifically, the frantic waving of "Hi!  Hi Daddy Bird!  HELLO!!!"  I'm surprised we haven't scared off every bird in the neighborhood, actually.

We've entered the most-of-the-photos-of-the-baby-are-laying-down-on-a-blanket stage:

Also, as seen above, the "nom-nom-I've-realized-I-have-hands-and-they-are-tasty" stage, and (not shown) the SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT STAGE.  WHUT???  Like ALL THE WAY THROUGH.  As in 7 or 8:00 at night STRAIGHT until 6:00ish the next morning.  Do you know HOW LONG it took Caden and Brooklyn to do that?  At ALL???

In other words, in case there were any lingering doubts: yes.  He is DEFINITELY a keeper.