Post (Spring! It's Finally Spring!) Weekend

What did we do this weekend?

What every good, self-respecting Minnesotan (and Midwesterner) did this weekend.

THIS.  A variation of the above (aka being outside, OUTSIIIIIIIIIIDE!) is all we did the whole. dang.  weekend.  Outside after breakfast.  Outside for snacks.  Outside for lunch.  Outside after nap.   Outside after dinner.  Outside all the live-long day.  Outside, except for breaks to come in for naps and baths.  Hell, if I could have figured out a reasonable way for them to do those outside, we probably would have slept and bathed outside, too.

Caden and Brooklyn were the most dirty, grime-y, sticky, sweaty, most toddler-funk smelling two-year olds you ever did see (erm...smell).  

(New game: playing "airplanes" on the swings.  It goes like this: Swing on your belly.  Spin the chain around to spin in circles, if you're feeling daring.  Stare at the ground and probably get dizzier than you've ever felt in your entire two years on this earth.  Do this, and nothing but this, for upwards of 20 minutes.)

(Followed by gleeful headstands/somersaults off the swings and into the grass.)

(Nolan is filled with grins outside (okay, inside, too).  He's going to be right out there in the next year or so, covered in dirt and chalk and sweat and grime with the best of 'em.).

(Proof that Nolan is actually along on most of these adventures.  Apparently most of the pictures of his first year are going to be of the selfie/baby-carrier variety.  Sorry, third kid.)

They were clearly LOVING IT.  Let's do this all summer.  In the words of a couple of twin toddlers: "Mo', peese."