Two Years Ago

This popped up in my Facebook newsfeed this morning:

No, it's not Nolan. It's a two-years-ago Brooklyn.

Seeing this photo, it really hit me that I was in this exact same spot two years ago, almost to the day, (albeit with two babies instead of one), and I hadn't even realized how much time had passed. Before Nolan was born, if you would have asked me, I would have been sure that Brooklyn's hands were still the same size you see here. That she still fit in my arms and in that tiny blanket and that teeny onesie in just the same way.

It would have never occurred to me two years ago when I started on this motherhood journey that we'd be blessed with three kids in a span of two years and two days.

I can't believe that little face you see here was looking up at me, hanging on my every word just two years ago. Now I look down and rock another baby in my arms, while the sweet baby in this photo - who was that size ONLY YESTERDAY - runs laps around the house with her "big" brother.

There's no grand conclusion to all of this other than to say that this motherhood gig?  It gets you with all the feels, every time.  My mind can't quite wrap itself around these two toddlers, gazing at their baby brother, with me reminding them to use "nice touches" because they are suddenly HUGE, when they themselves were that size just days - no, hours - ago.  Looking at these three little people and wondering, how did we get here?  Didn't we become parents only yesterday?

But here we are.  And despite missing, at least a little bit, the newborn in that first's a pretty good place to be.