Life Lately

Nolan has officially outgrown his newborn-sized sleepers.  Which I may have been squeezing him into anyway for the past few days.  This is clearly unacceptable.


The other night I was getting the twins ready for bed.  Before I got her pajamas on, a shirtless Brooklyn grabbed her baby doll and announced, "Baby hun'ry!", before promptly positioned the doll's mouth over her.....belly button.  Uh...close enough.  #diedlaughing



Caden is big into copying lately.  Everything is "(insert name here) this!"

Nolan sneezes.
Caden: *giggles* "Baby this!" *mimics Nolan sneezing*

Tyson picks up trash in our yard.
Caden: *earnestly* "Daddy this!" *mimics Tyson picking things up off the ground*

Nolan cries.
Caden: *giggles* "Baby this!" *mimics Nolan crying with a high-pitched squeal*

After watching Tyson go to the bathroom.
Caden: *walks out of bathroom to demonstrate* "Daddy this!" *pulls at the front of his own pants*




(Next step: potty training.)

I'm going to miss his "this" stage...


Just a bit of Easter/spring cheer.


I often use old socks for cleaning (dusting, wiping things down, etc.).  The other day, as we were about to leave the house, I threw a pair of my socks into the mudroom.  Nolan became fussy, and as I was calming him down, Caden and Brooklyn grabbed the socks and ran in the direction of their playroom.  I didn't think much of it, and once Nolan was settled, I found them in front of the powder room, whose door is usually kept shut, but today happened to be open.  Then I noticed them wiping down the floor with my socks.  Which were soaking wet.  And there was no stool pulled up to the sink.  But the toilet lid was open.


I mean, how do you get mad at them for that?!?  They were trying to CLEAN for heaven's sake.  Having children who clean my freaking house is my DREAM COME TRUE!

Really, to ask that they use something besides toilet water sounds almost picky at this point.


Chevron buddies.