Caden and Brooklyn's Farm Birthday Party

I love a good theme party.  My mind was churning many months ago about Caden and Brooklyn's second birthday.  Since they like animals, (one of their first "words" was "moo"), and we're (hopefully) several years away from buying into whatever Disney/TV show/video game/movie is currently most popular, I went with a farm theme.  Fun and gender-neutral...especially important when you have boy/girl twins!

Caden and Brooklyn's birthday is actually a couple of weeks away, on February 20th, but I knew that I wanted to give myself some time to recuperate before baby arrives on the 22nd. Throwing a party before having a baby a day or two later doesn't exactly sound like my idea of a good time.  Since I'm still suffering from some post-party exhaustion, this was a smart move.  And I think it might take me the next couple of weeks to sort through and organize all of their loot!


Hay Bales: Mini Straw Bale
Table Runner: Bandana Table Runner

Chalkboard Stickers: Chalkboard Fancy Frame Labels

Caden, my routine and rule-follower, strongly disliked that I dared to decorate his high chair.  He refused to sit in it for the entire party, and didn't use it again until the next day after the banner was taken down. #reallifewithtoddlers

I had several other ideas for decorations and whatnot that I wanted to get done, but time constraints and pure late-pregnancy exhaustion dictated what I was actually able to finish. Most of the decor was made by me using a combination of burlap, kraft paper, red and white gingham scrapbooking paper, and an assortment of twine/ribbon/string that I already had.  Keeping the list of materials to a minimum helps keep things simple and coordinated without much effort...or money!


Cow Plates (abovoe, between flowers): Cow Print Dessert Plates

I wish I could take credit for the cow cake, but I have to give hats off to a local bakery.  I gave them a picture of what I was looking for, and it turned out PERFECT!  In case the obvious lack of professionalism didn't tip you off, I did make the chick cupcakes.  With Caden and Brooklyn's "help", I made about two dozen chocolate and two dozen blueberry cupcakes, iced with cream cheese frosting, and added mini chocolate chips for eyes and mini orange Starbursts for the beaks.


Try as I might, I failed at getting any decent photos of the fireplace banner (thanks, late winter sunlight...or lack thereof!), but it reads "Oink  Baa  Cluck  Moo   We Are Two!"  It's too bad, because in my (not-so-humble) opinion it turned out adorable!

While not a "kids" party there were still some kids around, so I wanted to have an activity for them.  The top of Caden and Brooklyn's train table flips over to reveal plain boards, making it perfect for art projects!  I printed out some farm-themed coloring pages, added a couple boxes of crayons, and let them go at it.  I think some of the adults may have gotten in on the action, too...  (Who, me?)



The following is what happens when you tell a slightly distraught (almost) two-year old that yes, he can have another piece of cheese, if he just stands by his sister and says, "cheese". 

Sometimes (erm...most of the time), that's the best you can get.  #reallifewithtoddlers #again

After everyone sang and we blew out the candles, Brooklyn looked around with a big grin and said, "Mo...peese!"  ("More, please!")  Of course we couldn't resist, and while we didn't make everyone sing again, they did get to go through the fun of lighting and blowing out the candles one more time.  I suppose that's only fair since there are two of them and all.

Not sure what the face is for, since he ate up the cake like a champ.  And by cake, I mean frosting.  Using the end of a candle.  Because Papa showed him how to lick the frosting off the end of the candles after we took them out of the cake, so forks were now clearly out of the question.  Obvi.

Besides the farm, two was certainly our theme for the weekend, with two almost two-year olds on our hands...and just two more weeks before we welcome Baby!