Prepping for a Singleton

It's official.

We are scheduled to meet Baby #3 at about noon on Monday, February 22nd.

(Yes, I scheduled a repeat c-section.  Suffice to say that my doctor thought it was incredibly likely I would end up with a c-section again anyway, even if I tried for a "natural" birth, and I was not about to go through 12+ hours of labor again, including 3 excruciating hours of pushing that resulted in no progress only to wind up being sliced open anyway.  Cut me open.  Let's do this.  Done.)

It's kind of weird to know your baby's birthday in advance.  Granted, I will be 39 weeks (+2 days) at that point, so it IS possible I could go into labor before then, but still.  See you in 6 weeks and 4 days, baby!


I'm not really sure what to expect with one baby.  It seems like everything I know about babies, I know in relation to twins.  Sure, I expect it to be easier -- Tyson and I won't BOTH need to be up for all feedings all the time during the middle of the night, forever, for example -- but one baby also seems kind of strange to me.  To us.  Take breastfeeding for example.  Nurse twins by feeding one on each side.  Done.  Switch sides the next time.  I think with one baby you're supposed to try to nurse both sides each time?  Maybe? However also in relation to my second-pregnancy-been-there-done-that apathy, I feel no desire to research these things whatsoever.  We'll figure it out.  There are nurses, doctors, lactation experts, etc. at the hospital.  It'll be fine.


I went to my 32-week appointment yesterday.  I actually lost weight since my last appointment a month ago ("I think you're the only patient or person ever who actually lost weight over the holidays," my doctor remarked, "What about cookies?  Didn't you eat any cookies?"  Oh yes sir, I ATE THE COOKIES.) and am measuring smaller than 32 weeks.  To have lost weight and be measuring SMALLER than the week I am in?!?  Boggles the mind. Twin pregnancy this is not.  I actually sort of feel like I'm not doing my pregnancy duty by losing weight.  I immediately began to rectify the situation by making a lemon ricotta pound cake.  Take that, scale.


People keep asking me if I'm looking forward to having one baby this time.  Won't it be so easy?!?  The short answer is yes (barring any colic/other unforeseen medical problems that we did not have to deal with last time).  In fact, I feel like being in the hospital is going to be a sort of vacation with just me and baby.  I've never had only one baby to take care of before. Throw in meals delivered to me three times a day and lying in bed surrounded by fluffy pillows with someone at my beck and call at the push of a button?  Sounds pretty good. However once we are home, keep in mind that Caden and Brooklyn will STILL BE HERE. While, yes, taking care of one infant will certainly be easier than taking care of two infants, I will be taking care of one infant and also two VERY active just-barely-turned-two-year olds.  We are not trading Caden and Brooklyn in for the 2016 version of a Williams baby.  Yet.

January's project: ACTUALLY PREPPING for a baby by finishing off the nursery.  (As well as planning Caden and Brooklyn's birthday party.  And organizing/decorating the office which became our catch-all room after the move while Tyson was gone.  Since I absolutely do not go overboard on these kinds of things (har har har) there is absolutely no pressure here.) (Who, me, NESTING?!?)  (I have my calendar organized with what tasks need to be completed each week. Sometimes each DAY.  Typical first born child/OCD much?)  Progress so far: accent wall painted.

Crib is ordered.  Dresser is being picked up this weekend.  Misc. decor ordered or already delivered.  Boxes stand at the ready to be unpacked.  Take that self-imposed-somewhat-arbitrary calendar deadline of January 24th!