I love me some toddler-speak.  You know what I'm talking about: when they are able to talk and communicate...but not quite.  I love the different sounds and words they come up with for things.  And the other day I realized that I'm about the only one, especially with Tyson gone, that can understand most of what Caden and Brooklyn say.  Here are some translations for the rest of you:

(It might look like they were reading, but I swear they were jibber-jabbering the whole time.)\


"cho" = Cheerios

"nay-nay" = Brooklyn.  And Daniel Tiger.  And himself.

"men" = pray (as in amen)

"caackaa" = cracker

"bubee" = blueberry


"nay-nay" = Caden

"ball-ball" = basketball

"ah-me" = help me

"buddee" = blankie


"mo-mo" = Elmo.  Used for almost any Muppet or cartoon character.

"ah ah ah" accompanied by waving of hands = "hot hot hot!"

"ah ah ah" accompanied by bouncing of body = "hop hop hop"

"cheeeee" = cheese

"way" = away (as in put away) (LOVE when they say this one!)

"da!" (short staccato sound, usually used repeatedly: "da! da! da!") = stuck  (They can't say the 's'.  Or the 't'.  Or the 'ck'.  So "da" it is.)

"daa" (slightly more drawn out) = sock

"doe" (while pointing towards kitchen, maybe vaguely towards the toaster) = toast

"mama" = me or anything they somewhat relate to me.  Like pretty much every to-go coffee cup we ever see.


Because toddler animal sounds are adorable.