Post (Halloween) Weekend

Little Bo Peep...

has lost her sheep...

and doesn't know where to find him because he got way too into this whole Trick-or-Treating business.

(Leave him alone (with Daddy), and he'll come home, wagging his tail and dragging an impressive haul of candy behind him.)

(Seriously, his little tail wagged behind him while he walked.  It was freaking adorable.)

Really, they BOTH got into Halloween much more than I ever expected.  While Brooklyn lost interest after six houses or so, Caden continued on with Tyson to canvass the neighborhood.  In retrospect, I should have seen this coming, since it involved several of Caden's favorite things:
  1. Pushing buttons (ringing doorbells).
  2. Taking things out of containers (picking out his candy at each house).
  3. And putting them in other containers (putting said candy in his own pumpkin).
  4. Running (constantly, up and down the driveways and sidewalk to get to the next button-pushing and candy-filled destination).
Brooklyn was more in her element once we got home, changed into jammies, and handed out candy to the other trick-or-treaters.  While we went through almost all of our candy, I think that was due more to Little Bo Peep's generosity of handing out as much candy as she could fit in her little fist--4-6 pieces, every time--than to the actual volume of trick-or-treaters.  Caden was far more choosy when it was his turn to hand out the candy, carefully selecting a single piece from our bowl before dropping it into the waiting pumpkin or pillowcase.



Neither of them minded their costumes, either; Caden actually threw a fit when we took his off for the night.  Brooklyn was slightly more relieved, since that darn hoop skirt tripped her up approximately 983 times during the few hours it was on.


(Why won't Nana and Papa just let us in the freaking door?!?)

I'm not a big Halloween person (too overblown, too scary, too *ahem, in college* slutty), but it was an absolute blast this year.  Maybe because my expectations were so low that they easily surpassed them all, eagerly running from house to house for candy, looking far too adorable in their costumes, and snuggled up with us at the end of the night for some Halloween-themed TV, fun-sized chocolate bars and all.

Thanks for all the candy, kids.  :)